Mini Planters Made from Clay

Mini Planters Made from Clay

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  1. Petr Kužel

    Velice krásné a sympatické jsou ty malé rostlinky a nádoby ve kterých jsou zasazeny.Kde se dají koupit ty mini misky/květináčky/?Petr Kužel.

    1. martina

      Thanks for your comment. We are just sharing balcony/garden decoration ideas and not selling any products. You can try to do it yourself or buy on internet.

  2. Angie

    Beautiful! Are these live plants? Is this even possible on this scale to bloom a plant this tiny?

    1. martina

      First of all, we apologize for not mentioning this information and thank you very much for your good reminder. Both artificial and live plants are used for these small pots. Some living succulent and cactus species are ideal for these pots. For more information, you can ask your nearest flower market. Good luck with it.

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