Do it yourself Planter

Tin Can Planters: Enjoyable DIY Ideas

Tin Can Planters: Enjoyable DIY Ideas

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  1. Karen Crisman

    Love the idea of using tin cans. Where do you get the beautiful paper to put on the cans?

    1. Martina

      Thanks for your comment. We are happy that you like it. There are different materials for tin can cover. You can find all on the internet.

  2. S.Germann

    What was used on the cans with the raised designs the were turquoise washed and how were they applied.

    1. Martina

      Hi, thanks for your comment. The designs on cans you asked are craft made. If you want, you can buy them in local craft stores. Good luck

      1. Glenda

        Could you tell us how to make these raised designs if they were craft made?

        1. Martina

          These metal embossments are also sold readily. There are also aluminum embossing pens (you can find them in online stores). You can make any shape you want with these pens. Alternatively, you can take aluminum foil embossments or make them yourself (I think it is filled with plaster or sawdust-like materials).

  3. Pamela Cook

    I love these. Are there instructions for the embossed cans?

    1. Ralf

      Hello Pamela, thank you for your comment. The designs on embossed cans you liked are craft made with stones or ready-made mold. If you want, you can use glue to stick on the can or you can buy ready-to-use one in local stores. Have a good day!

  4. Sylvia

    Question: On the raised designs the were turquoise washed and how were they applied.
    What are the design called in the craft stores

  5. Donnah

    Love your ideas thanks !!!!! The cans that you put maybe napkins or paper designs like birds etc did you decopauge???? And what did you use???? Donnah

    1. Martina

      Thank you very much for your comment. Some cans were decoupaged. You can create an original tin can planter using the materials you have available. Good luck.

  6. Linda

    I love you Cans!

  7. Beverly Murray

    How do you attach the cans together in that stacked planter with the pebbles glued on the cans.

    1. Ralf

      Hello Beverly Murray, you may use silicone to stick cans together. Have a good day!

  8. Sharon

    Hello Ann, I am just blown away with your artistry and want to beg you to please tell me how you made the label with the wheel barrel and French script on the amber coffee can. It looks like air dry clay with a transfer or something else, or is it a stamp impressed into clay? I am dying to make one of these for myself! Thank you, Sharon

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