About Us

Balcony Decoration is a blog that provides trendy, useful, and functional balcony, garden ideas, DIY projects, and a few interior decor ideas that our visitors might be interested in.

Who We Are

As Balcony decoration, our primary goal was to provide high-quality content to our visitors through collecting all balcony ideas on a single website since there was no any before us. But a short time later, our team decided to enrich the content in accordance with our daily investigations on the internet and follow-ups with the trends. Of course, we always consider all feedback, suggestions, and questions coming from our visitors to update our content policy. After taking all the information into consideration, we decided to place a special place for houseplants that are beautifying our environment and home, too. Almost all relevant scientific researches on houseplants show that they not only embellish our home but also directly contribute to our physical and spiritual well-being. So, we share elaborate growing guide contents for each houseplant. We also share unique ideas about nature-friendly, repurposing, and recycling DIY projects. Thus, Balcony Decoration aims to provide a wide range of ideas that will help you to solve a simple problem or satisfy your special needs in decorating your balcony and home.

Our Team

As Balcony Decoration, we want to provide high-quality content. For this purpose, our team members are from different fields such as Interior Design, Architecture, Environmental Planning, Culture & Gender Studies, and Economy as well. To get accurate information, we always consult relevant technicians and product sellers. We are also working with amazing bloggers from different countries. Thanks to both our main team from different fields and our part-time dynamic partners, we can create more accurate and quality content.

Content Policy

As Balcony Decoration, our most favored content policy is that the decor and design ideas should comply with the criteria such as accuracy, usability, trendiness, being nature-friendly, and budget-friendly. In order to be sure about these criteria, our team conducts extensive research on the subject and search for detailed and useful information. We try to enrich our content with relevant images that will contribute to our visitors’ ability to easily understand and implement the information, innovations, and all other ideas. So, we attach great importance to reaching out to the primary sources of all the information and images that we use. Therefore, if you think you have a copyright in the images on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We assure you that necessary actions will be taken immediately to protect your rights. As a team, we always keep up with new ideas and innovations all over the world in order to make you meet current interesting ideas and practices from different cultures and countries.

Contact Us

As Balcony Decoration, we will always be happy to hear from you. For any suggestions, problems, complaints, or a new idea, please contact us. You can also work with us to create new content and ideas. Your opinions or any suggestions are very important for us.

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